Deep cleansing is an immediate solution to the problem of acne. Remove the impurities accumulated in the pores and reduce the excess oiliness. The skin decongests and the healing products can act better.
Acne is a skin condition due to hormonal disorders (polycystic ovary syndrome, adolescence, pregnancy, climacteric). It has different types and each case is unique. The milder forms are characterized comedons (black spots), while in the most serious forms we find papules, pustules and cysts (pimples with a strong red base and a white top).
Before treatment, an evaluation of the problem is always made to choose the right treatment for each case.
The process includes the following steps:
1. Removal of surface soils by the use of appropriate products.
2. Application of steam with antiseptic oils.
3. Extraction of unnecessary sebum and inflammatory elements with surgical gloves, in full antisepτιψ conditions.
4. Disinfection of the area with high frequency current.
5. Application of special non-comedogenic products for skin softening and limiting oiliness.
6. Advisory approach and continued treatment at home.




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