Laser treatment for acne, destroys the propionic bacteria of acne and thus prevents inflammation. The treatment reaches the deeper layers of the epidermis by regulating grease and sebum production. Clinical studies have shown that tissues are more easily regenerated and inflammation disappears, using laser in the treatment of acne. Treatment is painless, without complications and lasts 30 '. The result is immediately visible and there is continuous improvement over the next period.

There may be a small erythema that is easily covered by using a sunscreen product. There may also be a slight exfoliation in the next few days.
Laser treatment for acne is addressed in all cases of acne. The propionic bacterium of acne is photosensitive so we have immediate results. The inflammation shrinks and sebum production is limited.

• This treatment has no allergic reactions and is fast enough to apply.
• It can be applied throughout the year, except for months of intense sunshine.
• It is not allowed to apply to photosensitive skins.
• You should be perfectly consistent with the use of the sunscreen that you can get with 20% off.





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