Medium Grade Peeling Protocol and at the same time fast
regeneration of cells. It is based on the combined exfoliating and regenerating action of spongilla lacustris, spongilla fragillis (leidy),
ephydatia fluviatilis, with AHA at concentrations up to 40% and pH 2.5. Stimulates cell renewal and removes degenerated cells. It activates vital skin functions and stimulates disorganized tissues, restoring uniformity to the skin. It restores the keratinization of the skin and balances sebum secretion.

Until the completion of the protocol is BANNED: water, swimming, anything that causes perspiration, sun exposure (sea or mountain), contact with detergents and dust, hand contact with lead, pulling off scalding and use of any product beyond what we will supply.

During treatment and for 2 days there is a feeling of stinging, which gradually weakens. Exfoliation is carried out for the next 3 days.

Suitable for skin scars, melasma, dyschromias, wrinkles and acne scars.

Contraindications: thin and sensitive skins, skin conditions, herpes zoster, pregnancy, severe contagious conditions, allergies, melanoma, antidepressant medication, application during the summer months.
Obligatory use of SunFilm SPF30 sunscreen product, which can be purchased with a 20% discount





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