Bridal makeup

Your wedding day is the most special. Bridal makeup has increased demands, both in color and durability. It is wise to have a trial, in which we try different styles that you desire and which we recommend, at least 2 months before your wedding. Be sure to bring a photo with a makeup that you like. If you are not used to using makeup, choose a natural look that will show off your features without exaggeration. Keep in mind, however, that the lights and high-resolution lenses are unforgiving and there should be a slight intensity in the colors of your makeup.
7 days before your marriage, take care of yourself by giving it a relaxing facial and body treatment to get rid of the pressure of the wedding preparation and to prepare your skin to be at its best.
On the day of the trial, it is advisable to tell the aesthetician about the people who want to make up on the wedding day, to make proper planning and not to have the slightest delay.
And do not forget, it's your day. Make sure to relax and enjoy it.




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